Manage climate risks and capture climate opportunities

Szenario analysis as integrated software for companies

Financial risks and opportunities from climate change are coming more and more into focus. The long term resilience of business models is challenged by the regulatory and physical changes as a consequence of climate change.

The financial impact and value drivers of climate change for companies, as well as the risk of financial investments, is often not transparent. Investors, banks and also financial regulators demand from companies to generate transparency about risks and opportunities.

The ESG Enterprise Suite enables you to identify chances for your company and to quantify risks on a granular level. Using well proven scenarios, you obtain detailed data on possible future pathways, allowing you to target your climate strategy in qualitative and quantitative terms. You may analyze technologies and processes based on climate scenarios along the Paris Agreement. You report adapted to all external and internal stakeholders.

We support banks, insurances and companies in the real economy with the quantitative basis to drive operative and strategic decisions in light of climate risks and opportunities.

Scenario analyses for Financial Service and Real Economy

Whether portfolio analyse in the financial sector or quantitatiev business model analysis in companies: the ESG Enterprise Suite provides modular applications for multiple use cases.

ESG software exactly built for your needs

The ESG Enterprise Suite is configurable to your requirements and can be seamlessly integrated in business processes.

The Suite offers companies an interactive way of registering own processes and analyze climate risks and opportunities without required domain expertise.

Ad-hoc and strategic analyses

Obtain quantitative decision support for operative and strategic actions.

Solve climate risk reporting to stakeholders along institutional frameworks such as the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and the EU Guidelines for non-financial reporting.

Measure operative and investment risks, capture opportunities for your organization

Our software implements framework of the Task Force for Climate Related Financial Disclosures to allow systematic reporting, hedging and mitigation of climate risks.

Real time scenario analysis for strategic and operative decision making

We combine millions of data points on econometric development, climate and weather data, with future scenarios and simulations. This allows our clients to

  • quantify relevant risks on single entity level and on corporate level
  • Measure climate exposure through the entire value chain, from suppliers to market
  • Make robust and actionable decisions to mitigate risks and to realize opportunities

Efficient climate management in the company

For answering CDP Investor Requests, participating on the EU-ETS, as well as in modern CSR reporting, we support you with efficient automation solutions.

Automated corporate and product footprinting

The Carbon Footprint describes the greenhouse gas emisions that organizations cause for producing a product or delivering a service. A complete quantification of Carbon Footprints takes product related emissions, indirect emissions from consumption of power, heat or process steam, as well as emissions from the supply chain and the general operation of the business into account.

Our offer: efficient, fact-based and auditable measurement of GHG emissions
  • Automated provisioning of raw data on all corporate processes in real time
  • Reduction of effort for Carbon Accounting to absolute minimum
  • Quality improvement of reporting as a basis for EU-ETS, etc.

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