Sensible Big Data Analytics for industrial processes

Our bottom-up  approach always starts with the opportunities that raw data analytics open up. You want managable, value-creating steps with data analtics and AI in your company? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Artificial intelligence in industrial production

Added value

Visual quality control reduces failure rate and rejects already in many production processes. We develop Computer Vision Software

  • to detect product defects on X-ray images to support or automate quality control based on algorithms
  • to identify and count very similar components, which can not be distinguished by conventional deep learning algorithms, to support assembly and commissioning of consumables

With end-to-end interoperability we support manual pick-and-sort processes, in-field service, customer field-service, and more.

Real-life experience

For shipping produced devices, a specific selection of spare parts must be added to the shipment. Today’s mostly manual process to pick and pack those parts is failure-prone and time consuming, but cannot be automated easily.

We support the picking process through computer vision to reduce failure rate and cost.

Data mining from production systems

“No matter whether centralized ERP and MES or distributed PLCs, HMIs and sensor gateways: Any channel shall be accessible at any time and by any authorized application or viewer without architectural obstacles.”

Added value

Enable your employees and your management to take real data-driven decisions:

When operators, owners, IT personal, technicians and management use data from a single source, create or obtain specific views and improve their own way of working – then our technology for seamless raw data access reached its goal.

Real-life experience

Today, maintenance planning of production machines for the upcoming months is mostly performed by generic decisions in hardly transparent processes.

If the operating staff can access real-time machine data and forecasts anytime, anywhere, the operators can plan maintenance autonomously and with strongly improved efficiency.

Superior data analytics based on broadband raw data

Our data governance and analytics creates RoI from day 1. Through standardized, efficient and interpretable methods you gain immediate transparency about the value of data in your company, as well as targeted recommendations for action to improve processes.

Get the current value of your data and optimal options for future data governance.
  • What information can already be drawn from data in existing processes?
  • Marginal gain: What added value can be achieved by adding data to the analytics process?
  • Marginal cost: CAPEX / OPEX  of adding data, e.g. investment in additonal sensor infrastructure or subscription to external data sources, also operation of new data sources.
Monitor processes throgh understandable analyses, decentrally on the shop floor and centrally in the production and company management
  • Real-time visualization of arbitrary data streams
  • Anomaly detection and alarming
  • Identification of trends and spontaneous level shifts
  • Correlation and causal impact among different signals
  • Signal prediction and scenario analysis

Optimization of business and production processes

Added value

Identify redundancies and risks in your processes, optimize processes and your entire personal-, production- and goods logistics.

We combine data from your devices, machines and business systems, to make real-live process chains transparent end-to-end.

We use scenario analysis and system modelling to optimize the processes holistically in the context of the entire system.

Real-life experience
  • Dynamic optimization of warehouse logistics
  • Optimization of production line utilization
  • Efficiency improvement in distribution

How can we advance your business?

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